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Recipe for a Healthy, Dairy-Free “Yogurt” Drink

Meet the Yogurt Drink. You’d think the store-bought version would have at least some healthy qualities — after all, it hangs out in the dairy aisle, bears pictures of wholesome fruit, and can be adorned with happy cartoon characters who call out to children as they pass. Unfortunately, many are packed with added sugar, artificial flavours and colours, and contain no fruit whatsoever. Store-bought yogurt drinks often have more sugar than an equivalent amount of Coca-Cola. Yikes!

Parents are always on the lookout for healthy options to include in their children’s school or camp lunches, and for nutritious eats that can pass as treats. Likewise, adults seek easy, on-the-go options. But sometimes we can be fooled into thinking that a snack option is healthy when it’s absolutely not.

So get smart (and recruit your kids, if applicable) to create a nutritious alternative in your kitchen. Here’s one of my favourite recipes that we whip up at our house.




1. One ripe banana

2. One cup of frozen organic strawberries (after all, they’re on the dirty dozen list)

3. Equal parts of unsweetened almond milk and water (about 3/4 cup of each), to your desired consistency.


Combine all ingredients in your blender (high speed blenders are best for wee ones who are picky about lumps and texture), and blend until smooth. Straws are optional, as are fancy mini umbrellas!


Enjoy, and please share your favourite combinations — my boys love trying new flavours.

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